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Latest news, insights and events for students
Latest news, insights and events for students
Latest news, insights and events for students

A successful launch of the EIT InnoEnergy Hybrid Learning Classrooms

With the Fall semester underway and COVID-19 still impacting traditional learning methods, students required a classroom model that allowed them to toggle back and forth between in-person and virtual formats. The “Hybrid Learning Classroom” experience was launched to meet this need, and ensure students receive the same high-quality EIT InnoEnergy Master School education – regardless of how they attend lectures. The experience has been such a great success that is now being duplicated at two new partner universities!

The advantages of the hybrid learning classroom

The hybrid virtual classroom utilises state-of-the-art, cloud-based technology with adaptive software to enhance communication and interactions between participants. The experience creates an interactive and live classroom feel between student and lecturer, and also amongst the students themselves – which is a mix of in-person & digital participants.  


According to Pau Plana, EIT InnoEnergy Master’s in Sustainable Energy Systems student at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, “The best thing about the hybrid class system is that it is able to merge the traditional lecture methodology with the new virtual-teaching scenario. While it is true that at the beginning there is a certain learning curve for the teacher and for the students, once everyone has caught up, the experience is really close to the face-to-face lectures we were all used to.”

A flexible solution for current times

With safety as the highest priority – it’s also crucial that the classroom experience shouldn’t suffer during social distancing regulations. As this semester began, some students were physically able to attend class while others wanted the same classroom experience even though they could only participate remotely. This flexible solution is allowing all students to take part in essential team activities while having access to support and guidance from the lecturer.


As Prof. dr. Frank Gielen, EIT InnoEnergy Education Director, shares: “The COVID crisis has forced universities to take a quantum leap into the digital delivery of learning activities. We are utilising the most cutting-edge methodology to assure a safe environment for everyone, and also to minimise disruptions to our students’ academic lives. They have the same high quality, engaging experience whether they are physically in the classroom or not – with all the flexibility and adaptability to achieve their educational goals.”

Hybrid classroom reaches more universities

The hybrid learning classroom experience kicked off at five EIT InnoEnergy Master School partner universities this fall: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, KU Leuven, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, École Polytechnique and IST Instituto Superior Técnico. Their success has prompted the investment of these classrooms into two more of EIT InnoEnergy Master School partner universities: TU/e Eindhoven University of Technology and the ESADE Business School in Barcelona! So now even more programmes will offer this COVID-resilient, dynamic experience.


“After a few months using the hybrid learning classroom, I feel that the future of virtual teaching is in the hybrid model direction. Not only due to the current pandemic situation, but also because in the future it can allow multinational study programmes to feel like traditional ones, and this allows for big synergies between different universities.”   Pau Plana concludes.