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My purpose is to disrupt the status quo. To those opposing it, I feel that it is our responsibility to make them listen and understand what the change will bring.

Oriol Pujoldevall, Marketing & Communications Manager, Master's in Energy for Smart Cities

Oriol Pujoldevall, Marketing & Communications Manager


Master's in Energy for Smart Cities

UPC: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya ·Barcelona Tech


Master’s School graduate Oriol Pujoldevall is working towards the creation of the first public blockchain for the energy sector. He naturally gravitates towards roles where he can contribute the most (while having fun) in pursuing his goal to disrupt the Status Quo and be a voice in this paradigm shift.


Tell us a little about what you are doing now, and how the skills and knowledge gained at InnoEnergy Master’s School prepared you for this work:
Grid Singularity is part of the Energy Web Foundation. We are contributing to the creation of the first public blockchain meant to address the specific needs of the energy industry. Our platform will serve as a base layer infrastructure capable of hosting blockchain-based energy use cases, becoming some kind of decentralised “AppStore” of Energy Applications. All our development is completely open-source, incentivising the formation of a community of developers and start-ups sharing their knowledge and advances.

Today, I am a Marketing & Communications Manager at Grid Singularity – creating innovative solutions to send out our message in a clear and understandable way. The MSc in Energy for Smart Cities programme provided me with a way of channelling my thirst for innovation and change. Since my background was in energy engineering, I found especially valuable the side of business, entrepreneurship and soft skills. For my current role, all these skills form a solid combination. Also, the mobility component is quite powerful… all these people coming from different backgrounds and realities but with the same drives are put together. You don’t realise it at the time, but these friendships grow into lasting professional bonds.
What’s the biggest challenge facing your company?
Raising awareness. Our work is already well known in the sector; however, the revolution we propose will only be complete when all actors across the value chain are aware of the colossal amount of opportunities that our platform offers. My objective is to spread the word and create innovative solutions to turn deep technical content into clear and understandable packages. I’m driven by change. What is static becomes boring and life consuming, while change is disruptive and stimulating. Tomorrow, I will always take on the roles in which I can contribute the most – while having fun in the process.
What do you want to achieve?
We are creating what will be the new paradigm for the energy sector. Among thousands other things, this will allow consumers to monetise their own energy production, thus becoming prosumers. They will obtain new revenue streams out of already existent energy sources (mainly solar) that are currently being wasted, limited by either lack of awareness or limiting tech/policies. This new trend of decentralised solar generation will also reduce CO2 emissions. The energy market will be formed by millions of IOT devices, buying and selling energy in a completely automated way. We will see a decentralised energy sector, reaching new degrees of empowerment, efficiency and transparency for the user.

My vision for the future is clear. The young network we created through the programme will grow into the most relevant community of entrepreneurs and highly skilled professionals driven by sustainability and innovation. At the InnoEnergy Master’s School Kick-off (Fall 2015), I grasped for the first time how powerful this could be, and that feeling has never left me since