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My purpose is to make floating wind capable of competing against all "conventional" technologies.

Loris Canizares, Strategic Planning Analyst, Principal Power, Master’s in Renewable Energy

Loris Canizares, Strategic Planning Analyst, Principal Power


Master’s in Renewable Energy

UPC: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya ·Barcelona Tech


Master’s School graduate Loris Canizares is working hard to advance the competitiveness of WindFloat technology at Principle Power, Inc. His goal of making floating wind a viable energy source is well underway, to help fulfill his dream of pushing the renewables energy market forward!


Tell us a little about what you are doing now, and how the skills and knowledge gained at InnoEnergy Master’s School prepared you for this work:
Today, I am at Principle Power – a technology and services provider to the offshore wind industry. Our innovative and proven technology, the WindFloat (a floating wind turbine foundation) provides access to transitional and deep-water offshore wind sites. As a Strategic Planning Analyst, I develop and apply tools that provide robust quantitative analysis capabilities to advance the competitiveness of the WindFloat technology. It’s exciting work… and challenging, like everything new, but that’s why it’s so interesting!

Thanks to my double degrees from InnoEnergy at Instituto Superior Técnico and Ecole Polytechnique focusing on renewable energies, plus my third Masters in Offshore Energies Engineering from ENSTA Paris Tech (that I did in parallel with my 2nd year of Master’s School in Paris), working for offshore wind came to me naturally. The engineering side supplied the in-depth understanding of the physics principle behind the platform stability, energy production, etc., while the economics and entrepreneurship side helps me to understand the energy market and to perform better economic and financial analysis. This well-rounded approach of technical and business/entrepreneurship is invaluable.
What’s the biggest challenge facing your company, and what will be your future role in helping to solve it?
Tomorrow, I will actually develop and manage floating projects – be directly involved with project stakeholders. Everyday I’m looking at potential projects, performing analysis to assess project costs and revenues so I can understand current market data and trends, and I would like to see them through into real world application in the future.

Principle Power faces the typical range of challenges for disruptive technology entering the conservative and asymmetrically regulated electricity market. Developers are hesitant to adopt new technologies without extensive track records. Our prototype operated 5 years off the coast of Portugal, so the experience gained provided technical verification of the WindFloat. The step currently underway is to prove economic/financial viability.
Where does your passion for renewable energy come from? And what’s your vision for the future?
My purpose is to make floating wind capable of competing against all “conventional” technologies… and I’ll know that I’ve reached this goal when floating wind becomes subsidy free.

For the energy industry in general I’d like to see more efficient solutions and metered technologies to track consumption. A shift towards all renewable-based electric, to move away from fossil fuel consumption, especially in the field of transport. Also, energy storage is crucial. We need to find light and efficient storage solutions and to store electricity produced by renewables when supply is larger than demand.

We can’t deny climate change due to greenhouse gases emissions. Being a nature lover I see the effects of pollution and global warming firsthand, and I would do anything to reverse it… and one way is to push the renewable energy industry forward!