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I´m turning my passion into reality

Hanna Schegel, Master’s in Nuclear Energy

Hanna Schegel

South African/German

Master’s in Nuclear Energy

KTH Royal Institute of Technology


MSc EMINE student Hanna Schlegel is in her first year, already taking full advantage of all the “extras” that the InnoEnergy Master’s School offers its students. Between extensive studies, working on exciting projects and attending events, she’s also active in the InnoEnergy CommUnity – this is one student who is truly embracing the full Master’s School experience.


Why did you choose the MSc EMINE programme?
I wanted to be on the ‘cutting edge’ of nuclear engineering since I first started investigating it in my teens. I think it’s an amazing technology with a lot of potential; and the more we know, the more safely and effectively we can utilize it. When researching master’s programmes in nuclear energy I came across the MSc EMINE programme. I was so impressed by the integration of energy engineering, business and sustainability, that I actually only applied to the Master’s School. And I’m very happy I did!
How do you find the integration of business and entrepreneurship in the programme?
I like that InnoEnergy keeps the doors open for us to learn about the start-up’s affiliated with them. It’s inspiring to see what your idea could turn into. I am currently still in my first year, and our summer school is coming up – where we will be most involved with business and entrepreneurship in our field. It’s an exciting time for me as I’ve always had an interest in the business and entrepreneurial side of things. I think they all tie in together and the programme really emphasises that
Why are you interested in sustainable energy? Do you have any specific passion within this field?
I come from South Africa – where coal is cheap, high grade and readily available, and mining constitutes a large part of the economic activity. Air pollution and environmental degradation is already evident, and the only way to stop the destruction of beautiful countries like South Africa – without hindering their development – is to implement sustainable energy. As South Africa is resource-rich (wind and solar), this seems like an obvious answer; but without industry interest and economic reasoning, it’s not so easy. My particular passion is to bring clean energy to developing nations, to get their development on a sustainable track
Do you feel you were able to interact with InnoEnergy start-ups and industry partners during your studies so far?
Yes, for example, MSc EMINE Stockholm students have been invited to attend the celebration of achieved funding for a nuclear energy start-up called LeadCold. At all of the many InnoEnergy events (speakers series, KICK OFF, CommUnity and InnoEnergy start-up events – just to name a few), there are lots of industry partners and start-up representatives that talk to us and tell us their stories. This is very exciting for us!
Tell us your favourite parts of the curriculum – what sets the InnoEnergy Master’s School apart, in your opinion?
I’ve really enjoyed the highly customised curriculum and taken full advantage. I don’t think it’s good to corner yourself into one specific field or area.

Also, the project-based learning – we’ve had some very interesting projects that allow us to use our own creativity to solve real-life problems. I love this applicable learn-by-doing!

Another plus is the individual learning – that’s been really useful, especially as there’s a lot going on. They record the lectures so you can catch up and be as pro-active as you like.

Last but not least, the in-field courses – one of the coolest things. Getting to work on an actual nuclear reactor In France?! Amazing. It really helps you to truly understand by this hands-on learning. A totally different perspective than just looking at slides of the site.
In what way do you believe your 2 years at InnoEnergy Master’s School will contribute to your professional career?
The InnoEnergy Master’s School is well known in the industry and has a good brand. Plus, international experience – like I’m getting now – is highly valued today in the job market. Lastly, the connections I have made thus far through my studies and the extensive InnoEnergy network will be invaluable in the coming years!