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24 August 2017

Wind in the sails for EMINE Alumni

A big congratulations to Eirik Eide Pettersen for his “Young Innovator” award!

Eirik has received the prestigious “Young Innovator” award from the International Atomic Energy Agency

“I am very happy and honoured to have this idea acknowledged by the IAEA. It is very encouraging to learn that my interests and passions are not limited to myself, but are also of interest to others.”

“The InnoEnergy EMINE program provided me with essential knowledge that I’ve used in formulating the winning research proposal, and that I now use on an everyday basis in Seaborg Technologies, a science and research heavy start-up working on developing next-generation nuclear power reactors. Moreover, the format of the EMINE program allowed me to perform my internship at PSI in Switzerland on the topic of multi-physics simulations of molten salt reactors, from which a lot of the inspiration for the research proposal was sourced.”

– Eirik Eide Pettersen

Eirik is a co-founder to the Copenhagen-based startup Seaborg Technologies, which is developing an advanced thorium-based molten salt reactor (MSR), has received a grant from Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD), a move that marks the first Danish investment into nuclear fission research since the country’s ban on nuclear power in 1985.


Denmark Takes Step Into Fission Research With Grant For Seaborg Technologies 

Seaborg Technologies

Seaborg Technologies – Home | Facebook 

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