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24 May 2019

Sustainability and beauty: meet the next generation customisable solar cells!

Power devices (such as smart glass, sensors and smart wearables) are a huge market with particular requirements – reliability and high aesthetic value. EIT InnoEnergy supported start-up, Peafowl Solar Power, has not only developed a solar cell to meet these needs but found a way to make them absorb light better while being environmentally friendly – to further their extensive market applications.

This innovative company, a spinoff from Uppsala University, hit the ground running last year and are already in seed investment rounds and have co-development projects in the works with smart glass companies. EIT InnoEnergy PhD candidate, Yocefu Hattori, joined the Peafowl team to work on his PhD research on plasmonic metal nanoparticles – which fits in perfectly to help create higher efficiency for Peafowl’s technology.

We spoke with Peafowl co-founder Jacinto Sá to find out more about this ground-breaking plasmonic solar cell technology and how EIT InnoEnergy is helping them get to market, as well as Yocefu to see  how his time spent in the PhD programme prepared him for this collaboration. With Peafowl on the verge of entering the market, it’s a pivotal time for the start-up team. Let’s hear what’s been happening!

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