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18 May 2021

InnoBlog: career choices after an EIT InnoEnergy Master’s programme

For anyone considering pursuing a Master’s programme, one question stands out: how does this fit into future plans and career aspirations? 


As an EIT InnoEnergy Student Ambassador for the Master’s in Smart Electrical Networks and Systems, I often receive questions about my experience in the programme. Prospective students are interested in knowing why I chose EIT InnoEnergy and what I would like to do after graduation. Of course, these are personal questions: everyone has their own personal reasons and motivations. 


I began the Master’s programme with the intention to pursue a PhD after. Whereas this is still an aspiration to pursue one day, I now feel my next step after graduation is to work in the industry: I would like to gain more perspectives and experiences, to better gauge in which subsector of energy I could make the biggest impact. Most of my friends and colleagues are also interested in working after, though a few are planning to pursue a PhD. Although it is not the most common route since EIT InnoEnergy programmes are focused on the application of knowledge and entrepreneurial skills, it is definitely a viable option.

Advantages of EIT InnoEnergy

Pursuing a PhD

Getting the tools to launch your career

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