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29 August 2018

A dream MSc Thesis – working at the United Nations in Copenhagen!

When it was time for Montserrat Pitarch Ruiz to write her Master Thesis for the MSc RENE programme, she wasn’t only looking for an internship – she was looking for an adventure. Montserrat wanted to base her thesis on real-life work experience, and her dream was to collaborate with developing countries to improve their lifestyle through renewable energy technologies. Many intriguing opportunities popped up during her internship search, but the clear winner was the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Copenhagen. They gave her an exciting new solar project in South Sudan to base her thesis on, and also put her in charge of more than 25 Country Offices!

We caught up with the very busy, but very motivated Montserrat to hear about her time spent at the UNDP. She was happy to share her amazing experience with us, to give us an insider’s perspective of working at the UNDP: the world-famous humanitarian organisation that “seeks to eradicate poverty and ensure that no one is left behind.” We can catch a glimpse of their important work through her eyes.


Working at the UNDP

South Sudan Project

InnoEnergy MSc RENE Programme

Life after Thesis

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