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Off-grid Renewable Energy Systems: to foster viable projects
Theme: Sustainable Energy Trends
Location: Online

In this course you will find out how off-grid renewable electricity systems can transform lives in poor and remote communities. You’ll assess the technical, social, policy and economic features of off-grid systems, and how projects can be successfully implemented to provide sustainable electricity in developing countries.

Energy Systems Integration: policy and regulation
Theme: Energy 3.0
Location: Online

The world is facing an energy trilemma. How do we drive the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy system in a way that solves the triple challenges of decarbonisation, energy security and affordability? The answers lie in deploying new technologies and innovation within the energy system – but this deployment must be coordinated on multiple levels and with adequate government policy and regulation. This course gives you the inside track on the types of policy and regulation that governments can use to incentivise the sustainable energy transition – as well as the pitfalls authorities must learn to spot to avoid counter-intuitive outcomes.

Energy Systems Integration: understanding the new consumer
Theme: Energy 3.0
Location: Online

We have reached a tipping point in sustainable energy. As we make the global transition to renewable and integrated energy systems, there is also an imperative to understand, anticipate and respond to a corollary of changes in the ways that households consume energy. Understanding your customer and their role in the global energy shift is critical in staying ahead of the market and future-proofing your organisation. This course gives you unparalleled insight into the fundamental behavioural changes that are key to successful energy systems integration. Delivered by InnoEnergy, one of Europe’s principal authorities in sustainable energy and energy education, the course draws deeply on the most recent energy-related research into environmental psychology.

Energy Systems Integration: the future of transport
Theme: Energy 3.0
Location: Online

The transportation sector is at a crossroads. As one of the biggest consumers of the world’s energy and a major contributor to CO2 emissions and air pollution, the onus is on the transport sector to find alternative energy solutions to drive a sustainable future for all. This course gives you a deep dive into the electrification of the transport industry and how developments in this exciting field are impacting the global energy system. You will explore compelling, real-world case studies to understand how tech giant ABB is changing the playing field, driving innovation in high-end electromobility for cars and public transport.

Energy Systems Integration and New Business Development
Date: 13.11.2019 - 13.11.2019
Theme: Energy 3.0
Location: European Utility Week, Paris

Demand is rising for a global energy system that is sustainable, affordable and reliable. To meet this demand there is an increasing need for a new kind of energy professional: the next generation of transdisciplinary thinkers with the integrative mindset to join the dots, spot the opportunities and see the bigger picture in global energy. Join our experts and find business opportunities by learning how to use the ESI framework tool. Delivered by InnoEnergy - one of Europe’s foremost authorities in sustainable energy education - this short, face-to-face workshop will be delivered during European Utility Week and has been designed to offer you deeper insights into energy systems integration. You will look at the totality of energy systems and learn to connect the dots with your line of work. You will gain the insights and tools to understand how Energy Systems Integration can be used in new ventures and business development.

Engineering & Business Case Teaching Workshop
Date: 28.11.2019 - 28.11.2019
Theme: Business & Energy Innovation
Location: Barcelona, Spain

The Engineering & Business Case (E&BC) concept, developed by InnoEnergy, is a novel pedagogy which uses case teaching as methodology on Engineering courses. By integrating practical experience (based on real events) with theoretical knowledge, it brings a new dimension to the classroom. The E&BC method enables educators to consider cultural and economic perspectives in their teaching, and opening their students’ minds by helping them solve problems that are based on real situations. The methodology allows students to build their confidence levels, develop their decision-making abilities, and improve their communication and cooperation skills in a competitive environment.

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