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Battery Storage: a thorough understanding
Theme: Business & Energy Innovation
Location: Face-to-face & Online

Energy storage is at a tipping point. Innovation in battery storage solutions is disrupting the industry today and will continue to transform the energy landscape for the foreseeable future. Staying ahead of the curve and maintaining your competitive edge hinges on gaining rock-solid understanding of emerging technologies. And seeing the opportunities – and the challenges – facing you and your organisation. We offer three Masterclasses in Battery Storage. Each Masterclass covers the spectrum of battery storage innovation and market trends, but offers a specific and customised focus to give you a deep dive into the aspect that interests you most.

Battery Storage Masterclass: Uppsala
Theme: Business & Energy Innovation
Location: Uppsala, Sweden

Battery storage is set to completely disrupt the energy space and shape the future of the sector for the foreseeable future. The EU estimates that in Europe alone, the battery storage market will be worth €250 billion by 2025. Exploiting the opportunities to come and securing your competitive edge in the longer-term means building the understanding of the new-generation technologies and the emerging solutions and business models that can help you position your organisation at the vanguard of innovation.

Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy
Theme: Sustainable Energy Trends
Location: Paris, France & Online

The energy sector is being radically disrupted. As renewable sources gain unprecedented traction and become increasingly integrated into the energy mix, there is a growing need for energy experts who have both the technical understanding and the business innovation mindset to navigate change. And fully leverage a world of emerging possibilities. Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy is a certificate programme jointly delivered by experts from Europe’s foremost authorities in energy, renewables, technology and business management: École Polytechnique, HEC and the InnoEnergy consortium – specialists in technology and in the business of energy and innovation.

Off-grid Renewable Energy Systems: to advance the enabling conditions
Theme: Sustainable Energy Trends
Location: Online

This course explores the critical business, financial, policy and planning conditions that are needed to boost the deployment of off-grid renewable systems, particularly in the poorest countries and remotest communities. Our experts elaborate on market-based models for off-grid electricity, the financial dimensions of off-grid electricity initiatives; the relevant policy and regulatory frameworks, and energy planning from demand all the way through to supply.

Innovation Bootcamp
Theme: Energy 3.0
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Resource depletion, air pollution, urbanisation and demographic change are placing huge pressures on current energy, heating and transport systems. New, innovative solutions are essential for these systems to evolve in order to meet society’s changing needs. However, innovation only has real impact once it is successfully deployed in real-time scenarios. Forward-thinking, entrepreneurial businesses are an essential part of the mix. They bring ideas to life. The Innovation Bootcamp is specially developed to give engineers the entrepreneurial and innovation management skills they need to commercialise transformative technologies.

Energy Systems Integration: evolution in electricity grids
Theme: Energy 3.0
Location: Online

As solar, wave, hydro and wind power, distributed and variable generation plants are increasingly integrated, it is becoming imperative to understand the technical challenges as well as the possibilities facing our power systems. This course gives you unparalleled insight into the fundamentals of power systems, from direct to alternating current, active to reactive power and more. You will explore frequency control, how active demand and storage can support the system and the future evolution of the electricity grid. And you will emerge with rock-solid understanding of the key issues at play.

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