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The Energy for Circular Economy thematic field focuses on conversion processes and complete conversion routes from fossil, biogenic and waste resources to final energy carriers and chemicals. Therefore, the thematic field includes: resources, conversion processes, transport, storage and utilisation of energy carriers and allocation of chemicals. In addition, the thematic field covers technologies associated with these process chains, such as storage and distribution of heat and cold on a large scale, and the decommissioning of energy production sites at the end of their life.

The thematic field scope outline for the Energy for Circular Economy:

  • Feedstock sourcing technologies
  • Energy conversion technologies
  • Smart grids for energy carriers – logistics, transportation and distribution
  • Smart heat grids
  • Air quality and sustainability of conventional energy sources
  • Decommissioning technologies.

Click below to download EIT InnoEnergy's Energy for Circular Economy road-map:

See below for an overview of our thematic fields, including the products that we support within each category. For more information on this thematic field please contact:

Marcin Lewenstein, Thematic Leader, Energy for circular economy
Phoenix BioPower's mission is to reach 60% efficiency power generation from biomass by 2030. This provides the market with a renewable, reliable and profitable alternative for power generation. ...
Location: Valhallavägen 79, 11428 Stockholm, Sweden
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
Ingelia's plants turn organic waste, sludge, digestate, green and food waste into hydrochar, with lower operating expenses (OPEX) than competing technologies. Plants are modular and scaled up by adding reactors....
Location: Jaime Roig 19, 46010 Valencia, Spain
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
IMPERIUM and NOBILIS are micro power plants that valorise waste to turn it into energy. The concept that has been developed is orientated to modular and standard units that can be put in parallel or series to address various energy needs an...
Location: France
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
A purification solution for all types of biogas The integrated EcoLys solution is the combination of Deltalys expertise in the quality of biogas and the implementation of patented ecological purification processes, resulting from 10 year...
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
A solution based on hydrothermal carbonisation allowing separation of phosphorous and heavy metals from sludge, degeneration of toxins, deactivation of pharmaceuticals and transformation of the remaining sludge into bio-coal....
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
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