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The Energy for Circular Economy thematic field focuses on conversion processes and complete conversion routes from fossil, biogenic and waste resources to final energy carriers and chemicals. Therefore, the thematic field includes: resources, conversion processes, transport, storage and utilisation of energy carriers and allocation of chemicals. In addition, the thematic field covers technologies associated with these process chains, such as storage and distribution of heat and cold on a large scale, and the decommissioning of energy production sites at the end of their life.

The thematic field scope outline for the Energy for Circular Economy:

  • Feedstock sourcing technologies
  • Energy conversion technologies
  • Smart grids for energy carriers – logistics, transportation and distribution
  • Smart heat grids
  • Air quality and sustainability of conventional energy sources
  • Decommissioning technologies.

Click below to download EIT InnoEnergy's Energy for Circular Economy road-map:

See below for an overview of our thematic fields, including the products that we support within each category. For more information on this thematic field please contact:

Marcin Lewenstein, Thematic Leader, Energy for circular economy
Camelina crop is an oil crop feedstock that can be cultivated in marginal or fallow land in arid dry land regions. It does not displace food production, and generates additional revenues for farmers....
Location: Avenida Somosierra 12, Nave 19, 28703 San Sebastian de los Reyes, Spain
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
AE-AMINE product transforms biogas into biomethane based on high-efficiency CO2 removal with new amine. Biomethane can be injected into grids or use as biofuel. AE-AMINE produces high purity biomethane (> 99%) and high purity CO2 (> 99.8%)....
Location: Rue du Lac Saint-André 17, 73375 Le Bourget-du-Lac, France
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
A system dedicated to siloxanes and VOC removal from biogas from urban waste....
Location: Rue du Lac Saint André 17, 73375 Le Bourget du Lac, France
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
The Bio-Eco-Matic system from MetalERG is a fully automatic straw-powered batch boiler with an energy range of 200kW to 995kW....
Location: Portowa 1A, 55-200 Oława, Poland
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
The product is a turn-key power plant for co-generated production of power and heat from biomass feedstock. The plant size is 1-5 MWe and 2-10 MWth. The plant is based on biomass gasification and in particular on the utilisation of fine fra...
Location: Backa Bergögata 18, 422 46 Hisingsbacka, Sweden
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
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