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About Energy efficiency


Reducing consumption at home and at work is still the most cost-effective way to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy security and competitiveness. We are encouraging innovation in two areas that together account for more than 50 per cent of the EU's energy consumption, and at least 33 per cent of its CO2 emissions:

  • Energy efficiency in buildings,
  • Energy efficiency in industry.

See below for an overview of our thematic fields, including the products that we support within each category. For more information on this thematic field please contact:

Lucienne Krosse, Thematic Leader, Smart and efficient buildings and cities
HeatTank is an award-winning and patented energy storage system, which saves 30% on the cooling of data centre / miner rigs. It has 1,5-3 year ROI, and protects servers from overheating with a low volume....
Location: Tancsics M. u. 15, 5400 Mezotur, Hungary
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
High definition cameras resistant to high levels of radiations are aimed at nuclear sector operations exposed to such levels....
Location: Rue René Razel 4, 91400 Saclay, France
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
The proposition is to develop a line of wireless sensors, which will provide key information to improve the management and operation of power generation assets....
Location: Pilotów 2e, 31-462 Kraków, Poland
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
The Enline solution is a real-time application based on the Internet of Things concept. This product provides energy dispatch optimisation, evaluation of operating conditions and asset management....
Location: under definition under definition, under definition under definition, Portugal
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
A modular solar home system with integrated pay-as-you-go technology. It allows the consumer to purchase a 20W system and upgrade it over time up to 200W as their energy needs grow....
Location: The Nest, Paseo de las facultades 3, 46021 Valencia, Spain
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
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