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About Renewable energies


Renewable energy sources play an essential role in reducing dependence on fossil fuels and creating energy autonomy. We are encouraging innovation that:

  • Improves the production, penetration and profitability of renewable energy,
  • Continues to develop all forms of solar technology,
  • Improves reliability, accuracy and integration of onshore and offshore wind,
  • Increases performance, lifespan and scalability of wave power.

See below for an overview of our thematic fields, including the products that we support within each category. For more information on this thematic field please contact:

Javier Sanz, Thematic Leader, Renewable energy
X1 Wind has developed a disruptive floating wind system to bring substantial cost reductions to the offshore wind industry, making it possible to tap into the huge wind energy potential located in deep waters...
Location: Passatge Domingo 11, 8007 Barcelona, Spain
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
AV MONITOR 4000 (AVM 4000) is an intelligent platform for online condition monitoring, failure protection and vibration-based diagnostics of machinery. ...
Location: Pilotow 2E, 31-462 Krakow, Poland
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
Nabralift® is a self-erecting tower formed by a three column structure installed under the uppermost part of a wind turbine generator tubular tower, resulting in a hybrid support steel tower....
Location: Avenida Carlos III 11 - 2 izquierda, 31002 Pamplona, Spain
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
DRY TEXTURING volume production technology for use in the PV solar cell manufacturing industry leveraging the cost savings of diamond-wire cut multicristallyne wafers and novel wafer technologies...
Location: Synergy Centre ITT Tallaght, D24 A386 Dublin, Ireland
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
An innovative material that boosts the efficiency of solar cells is based on the nanoporous silica shell that surrounds a specific strain of diatom, an algae species that grows well in the bottom of dark and cold Nordic seas. The material i...
Location: Stena Center 1B, 41292 Gotheburg, Sweden
Technology area: Online marketplace for energy innovations
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