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06 September 2018

SCiBreak hits a major milestone by successfully testing their prototype

Renewable energy is a vital component to saving our planet; however, it poses a real challenge for traditional power grids. The best locations for renewable energy sources aren’t necessarily near the end consumer, so the power generated needs to travel long distances or perhaps be pooled from different sources to offer a steady supply. Therefore, the current electrical grid is not optimum to accommodate these factors. Most importantly, bringing all these long-distance connections together, usually via cables (as with offshore wind farms) requires protection from faults and short circuits to protect valuable equipment and offer reliability.


As energy distribution evolves to accommodate the ever-growing renewable energy sources added to the mix, a new transmission system is needed. Fortunately, one very driven team is well on their way to enabling this “Supergrid”. SCiBreak, an InnoEnergy supported start-up, has created a hybrid circuit breaker – a key technology for power grids to radically increase the share of renewables in the energy system.


This small team from KTH has achieved tremendous results in a short period of time, from developing the device to their recent successful test of the circuit breaker prototype. We spoke with SCiBreak co-founder and KTH associate professor, Staffan Norrga, about their journey to this point and what lies ahead.

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