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The transport and mobility sector is responsible for about 1/3 of Europe's energy consumption and about 1/4 of overall greenhouse gas emissions. As such, this thematic area plays a significant role in the transition of the energy system of the EU. The need for a transition to an energy efficient and clean transport and mobility sector is also recognised in latest communications of the EU commission, for example in the winter package for accelerating clean energy innovation in the mobility-package for example.

Points of interest for EIT InnoEnergy are currently:

  • Zero-emission drivetrain, including, e.g., advanced battery technology with higher energy density for passenger cars; hydrogen as a carrier for fuel cells or internal combustion engine; and e-drive systems. The technology in this focus area is already market-fit and has a direct impact on GHG emissions, raw material use, and energy efficiency. As a second order effect it thus also improves public health and the affordability of transport.
  • Autonomous driving technology, including products like advanced software, sensors, and other electronics, e.g., LIDAR systems, including algorithms for trucks as all-in-one solution. In this focus area we see strong business cases which are, however, restrained by long-term uncertainty. An optimized movement of vehicles could improve several dimensions, though: lower emissions, safer traffic, as well as better affordability and availability for people. Robotaxis, (pooled and nonpooled) could account for up to 20% of vehicles on the road in European cities.
  • Innovative transport concepts, including offers that make the last mile for people (micromobility) or goods more efficient, or allowing for purpose-optimized concepts like, e.g., new rolling e-chassis could. This focus area could also entail vehicle concepts which take an enabler role for primary planet and people targets of InnoEnergy by significantly improving the uptake and the business case across technologies.
  • Energy provision infrastructure, including sustainable and efficient EV charging stations and or hydrogen infrastructure. A better infrastructure – which is thoughtfully integrated with other sectors, will enable sustainable transport and mobility in Europe – it also impacts space and availability with the rollout starting already today.
  • Mode-shifting new mobility services, including improved algorithm and route calculation for shuttle services to improve the operations – or mode aggregator service provisions. For the end customer, value shall be created by seamless access, real-time information, payment, and services. Optimizing the use of transport modes can have strong implications for all 3P targets – the respective business models are already gaining traction today. The European mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) commission market is estimated to be worth EUR 180 to 380 million by 2023.

Click below to download EIT InnoEnergy's Energy for transport and mobility road-map. 

See below for an overview of our thematic fields, including the products that we support within each category. For more information on this thematic field please contact:

Jennifer Dungs, Thematic Leader, Energy for transport and mobility
The technology used by EVOLO is a combination of sustainable alternatives and its management, especially the use and operation of cargo trikes and bikes....
Location: Calle Paduleta 18-Pol. Industrial JUNDIZ, 1015 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
Technology area: Sustainable products and services
Hydrogen recharging stations to recharge fleets from 1 to 20 cars, and fleet of bicycles including onsite production to guarantee a green mobility (with option to recharge electric battery cars)....
Location: Avenue du Lac Léman 17, 73370 Le Bourget du Lac, France
Technology area: Sustainable products and services
Northvolt is building the first large-scale battery manufacturing factory in Europe. Based in Sweden, the main production site will include active material preparation, cell assembly, recycling and auxiliaries....
Location: Gamla Brogatan 26, 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden
Technology area: Sustainable products and services
It has never been so easy to book transport. The ingenious concepts of carpooling and web-comparison are applied to the logistics industry and merged into an easy-to-use online-platform....
Location: Thälmannstr. 5, 99085 Erfurt, Germany
Technology area: Sustainable products and services
We enable and optimize hundreds of homes and buildings, and thousands of Electric Vehicle (EV) charge stations to maximize green charging....
Technology area: Sustainable products and services
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