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About Energy storage


The way we generate, transmit and distribute power is changing. Energy storage has a vital role to play in the transition to a sustainable energy system. We are encouraging innovation in large and small-scale storage that will:

  • Help integrate renewable energy into the electricity grid,
  • Enable a more distributed and responsive distribution system,
  • Support business opportunities for new actors in the energy system.

See below for an overview of our thematic fields, including the products that we support within each category. For more information on this thematic field please contact:

Johan Söderbom, Thematic Leader, Energy Storage
The solution adds intelligence to end-to-end EV propositions, as well as solar/wind installations, batteries, building energy management systems and grids....
Location: Greenville Campus; Centrum-Zuid 1111, 3530 Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium
Technology area: Power DSO
Ecovat has created an underground thermal storage vessel with an integrated heat exchange system. The Ecovat Control System (software) connects the thermal storage vessel to the electricity markets....
Location: Poort van Veghel 4946, 5466 SB Veghel, Netherlands
Technology area: District Heating Grid
Altris produces a high energy density cathode material for rechargeable batteries via a low-cost production method using only abundant elements. ...
Location: Stureborgsvägen 5, 802 72 Gävle, Sweden
Technology area: Energy Storage Solutions
Elestor has developed flow batteries with an extensive lifespan that can store electricity safely and at a fraction of the cost of traditional batteries....
Location: Utrechtseweg 310-B31, 6812 AR Arnhem, Netherlands
Technology area: Energy Storage Solutions
Activities focus on R&D of advanced technologies for energy storage applications. The first product is an innovative technology of manufacturing nanocomposite cathode material for Li-ion batteries. ...
Location: ul. Czerwone Maki 84, 30-392 Krakow, Poland
Technology area: Energy Storage Solutions
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