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About Smart and efficient buildings and cities


Forty per cent of the world’s energy is consumed in the built environment. Energy efficient buildings and cities are key to sustainable development. We are fostering innovation that:

  • Enables energy-positive homes and commercial buildings,
  • Encourages energy-saving behaviours at home and at work,
  • Supports a smart and sustainable transport system.

See below for an overview of our thematic fields, including the products that we support within each category. For more information on this thematic field please contact:


Lucienne Krosse, Thematic Leader, Smart and efficient buildings and cities
Mijnenergiebundel is ICT-SAAS product, which housing corporations, building companies and other relevant stakeholders apply to manage their sustainable energy housing projects....
Location: Bovenover 23, 6812 AT Arnhem, Netherlands
Technology area: Municipality
PhoCa is platform for the design, control and management of outdoor lighting infrastructure. It uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms to obtain energy savings of over 70% for a single project....
Location: Czerwone Maki 84, 30-392 Kraków, Poland
Technology area: Municipality
The offer includes sales and also the lease of devices, the cost of which is covered by the savings made....
Location: Makowska 11, 26-640 Skaryszew, Poland
Technology area: Municipality
Device that integrates state-of-the-art computer vision and robotics for the automatic recognition and sorting of valuable material in waste treatment plants. ...
Location: Av. Madrid 63, ESC. B 1º 5ª, 8028 Barcelona, Spain
Technology area: Municipality
BIMSOLAR eCatalog is a new kind of digital library of BIPV components, related to solar architecture, PV integration into building skin and connection to Building Information Modeling processes....
Location: impasse des acacias 2, 31840 SEILH, France
Technology area: Residential Building
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