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BLUEMEM are carbon dioxide-selective membranes. A patented and non-toxic chemical additive confers them with a high degree of selectivity towards CO2 even at atmospheric pressure. ...
Location: Avenida Països Catalans 16, 43007 Tarragona, Spain
Technology area: Fossil Natural Gas
Digimap is a solution that provides companies with and assessment of the digital competences, skills, aptitudes, and attitudes, of their employees,and provides action and training plans....
Location: NA NA, NA NA, Netherlands
Technology area: Fossil Natural Gas
This innovative product converts carbon dioxide from industrial facilities into methane, in the reaction with hydrogen from water electrolysis powered by excess and cheap renewable electricity from the grid. The proposed technology is a sol...
Location: Promienna 51, ??Postal Code Jaworzno, Poland
Technology area: Hydrogen & e-fuels
New advances in catalysts, polymers and production methods have enabled a drastically better product to be offered to the market, which can lower production costs of clients by up to 33%....
Location: Na jami 3, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Technology area: Hydrogen & e-fuels
Hymeth has developed a non-precious metal electrocatalyst that efficiently splits water into hydrogen and oxygen to produce methane, a sustainable alternative to fossil natural gas. Using a readily-available, non-precious metal instead of a...
Location: Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship, Porcelænshaven 26, 2nd floor, 2000 Frederiksberg C, Denmark
Technology area: Hydrogen & e-fuels
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