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The better battery.

Non toxic materials. High chemical & thermal stability. "green" technology. Smart material. Tailored cells. IntelLiSafe & IntelLiPower Technologies

The need

Current lithium-ion batteries can be inefficient when used for more demanding applications, such as electromotive vehicle (xEV) and energy storage systems (ESS) market segments for renewable energy solutions and smart grids.

The solution

The developed technology concerns high performance CCL/nano-LFP nanocomposite cathode materials with improved capacity and power density, durability and security and with a reduced environmental impact. This 'green' technology offers high chemical and thermal stability, non-toxic smart materials and tailored cells. 

The value proposition

• IntelLiSafe & IntelLiPower technologies.
• High power, improved capacity and power density.
• Long cycle life, improved cyclability up to 2000 cycles with minimal performance degradation.
• Lower costs, by using environmentally-friendly materials and processes.
• Improved safety, chemical stability, durability and security.

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Commercialised by

MarCelLi Adv Tech Sp. z o.o. ul. Wielicka 28 — 30-552 Kraków http://marcelli.pl/

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