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Relevant markets:

Onshore wind

Wind turbine blade maintenance

The need

There is a requirement to develop technology that provides human-safe, environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient solutions to increase wind turbine energy production without raising maintenance costs.

The solution

Aerones has developed a unique set of technology (a 3D-Robotic WTG blade care system) with a wide range of maintenance services: inspections, coatings application, cleaning, de-icing and leading-edge repair. Its versatility equips it with different high-pressure liquid spraying attachments, inspection equipment and a robotic manipulator arm to perform complex WTG maintenance services. 

The value proposition

• Reduced downtime.
• Human safe.
• Enhanced efficiency.
• Cost effective.
• Durability of the blade.
• Increases wind turbine energy production by up to 20% without increasing costs.

Aerones Nordic WTG Services

Aerones Nordic WTG Services

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