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SkillCharge Enterprise
A powerful platform to future-proof your organisation's talent
SkillCharge Enterprise
A powerful platform to future-proof your organisation's talent
SkillCharge Enterprise
A powerful platform to future-proof your organisation's talent

Bridge skills gaps company-wide before they impact your business

The pressure for team leads and HR professionals in the energy sector is high. Rapid growth and innovation require a much more agile approach to attracting, nurturing and retaining talent. You need to anticipate change and be ready to act with on-point training solutions for your workforce. Sounds tough? Not when you harness the power of AI.


With SkillCharge Enterprise you can now:

  • Easily map the skills of your entire organisation
  • Identify skills gaps based on trends in the sector
  • Provide tailored course recommendations for your employees

all from one interactive AI-driven platform.

Keep your finger on the pulse of emerging skills and roles

Build future-proof recruitment strategies

Retain and nurture talent to keep pace with innovation

Boost productivity, profitability and impact

Skills assessment, skill trends analysis and tailored learning opportunities – all in one AI-powered platform

Our new AI-powered software uses explicit and implicit text mining techniques to analyse thousands of industry reports, job vacancies, course descriptions and other energy sector data to identify emerging trends, skills and jobs in the field. The tool is currently available in English. More languages will be available soon. 

Get an instant overview of your staff’s skills

  • Scan your employees’ resumes and explore the skills currently present in your organisation or department.
  • Analyse company documents such as reports and strategic papers and discover whether the current workforce skills match your company’s strategy.

Identify the skills your company needs to acquire to stay competitive

  • Use the interactive dashboard to visualise, stay on top of skill trends and adapt to changes in the energy sector in an agile manner.
  • Pinpoint areas of development by comparing the results of your skills assessment with emerging skills in the sector.

Get tailor-made training recommendations

  • Bridge the gap between the ideal skills profile of your company and the actual skills of your workforce. Based on the missing skills identified, the system performs an in-depth online search and provides course recommendations tailored to the needs and goals of specific employees or entire teams. 
  • Match your company’s vacancies to the employees with the right skill sets and the least training needed for the job. 

Why SkillCharge Enterprise?

A powerful solution that will transform your organisation’s approach to learning and development and will help you stay ahead of the curve. Anticipate future trends and empower your workforce in an era of unprecedented change.

Constantly-evolving insights powered by AI

Easy-to-use and scalable

Developed specifically for the energy sector

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