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Cloud-based software that allows electricity producers, storage providers and consumers to save or make money

We believe the world is evolving to 100% green energy production and that most of the energy consumption will be electric. This is the only way to keep our climate and planet healthy.

The need

Due to a global shift towards sustainable energy sources, there is an increased demand for energy supply security and independence from current energy supply models. More efficient management of all energy supplies, storage and demand is also required.

The solution

A cloud-based suite of software that offers production and consumption forecasting for optimal green-energy utilisation; wholesale energy market integration for the lowest energy purchase cost and extensive interoperability; security, and app and user interface layers: all of which can be combined as needed.

The value proposition

• Maximised local electrical connection capacity to minimise or avoid costly upgrades.
• Minimised EV charging costs, maximised EV availability, range and overall user experience.
• Partial or full (micro-/off-grid) independence from the grid or diesel generators.
• Peak-shaving and reduced net operators' CAPEX into infrastructure maintenance and upgrades.
• Trading energy on the wholesale market or building-to-building.

Enabling a 100% green society

Enabling a 100% green society

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