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Transport & mobility

A compact and scalable electric drivetrain for propeller-driven watercraft

The need

There is a need for new and improved electric drivetrain technology for propeller-driven watercraft to meet the growing demand for fossil-free marine transportation. Currently, no cost-effective submerged electric motor system on the market can offer both high power and high efficiency.

The solution

Zparq vastly improves marine electric propulsion with a compact and scalable direct-drive system for propeller-driven watercraft which solves fundamental limitations of current market offerings. Technology is based on a novel motor design that specifically adapts to submersible applications. A patented passive cooling system allows the motor to be up to 10 times smaller in volume than motors with equal power.

The value proposition

• Small volume  – minimal underwater drag.
• Few parts - low production cost and fewer failure points.
• High efficiency - longer range.
• Submerged - low noise and compact.

Commercialised by

Zparq AB Tomtebogatan 4 — 11339 Stockholm, http://www.zparq.se

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