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Zeleros Hyperloop

A Europe-made scalable hyperloop system: 1000km/h, 0 emissions, fully-automated

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Zeleros is one of the european leaders developing hyperloop system: the new mean of transportation. Scalable and sustainable at unprecedented speeds.

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The need

Transport accounts for one third  of global green house gases. For intercity transport, high-speed rail can’t travel at the expected speed and aviation can’t reach the sustainability and energy efficiency targets to reach net-zero in a reasonable timeframe. Hyperloop offers a sustainable solution to this need.

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The solution

The Zeleros hyperloop transport system can move passengers and cargo at speeds up to 1000 km/h with 0 direct emissions, connecting global cities and logistic hubs in a matter of minutes. The system drastically reduces energy consumption and journey times, with increased capacity and service availability. An European Hyperloop Transport Network could minimise short-haul flights saving millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions per year with a billionaire revenue opportunity. 

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The value proposition

  • Includes traction technologies in the vehicle, radically reducing infrastructure costs per kilometre (which represent 95% of total project costs).
  • Provides a straight certification journey to deliver hyperloop to society in a scalable and cost-effective approach by 2030.
  • The operation at aviation pressure levels with the onboard e-propulsion system is crucial to accelerate path to market, allowing the use of already proven safety systems and certification schemes.

A unique system to realize the scalable hyperloop network, to connect the world in a matter of minutes.

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