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Residential Building

Independent & sustainable living – completely off the grid.

A timeless, sophisticated design – its rounded front and rear ends, a dashing flat roof and porthole windows create a unique visual impression and give the interior a special energy.

The need

Customers are looking for innovative living solutions that fit into their ecologic standards, that offer an independent supply of water, heat and electricity and that can be set up and dismantled easily, without connection to the grid.

The solution

Wohnwagon offers, for €100.000 - €180.000, a 15 to 33 m2 natural space for outdoor living. It has an independent supply of water, heat and electricity and is mobile (can be uprooted and transported easily, if required). It is constructed out of natural building materials: wooden construction, sheep wool insulation, clay.

The value proposition

• Can often be used as living space where normal buildings are prohibited.
• Independent supply of energy though PV and wind with large capacity for storage.
• Individualised to the needs of customers.
• Solar and wood heating system with intelligent heat control.
• Water circulating system with green filter on the roof of the wagon.

Off-Grid Solutions for sustainable living

Off-Grid Solutions for sustainable living

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