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Windcrete is a spar type floating substructure designed to carry wind turbines of up to 10 MW in deep offshore marine environments. Prestressed reinforced concrete is shaped in a monolithic structure.

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Innovative concrete spar substructure for floating offshore wind turbines.

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The need

There is a requirement to decrease the costs of production and implementation of floating offshore wind farms in deep waters.

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The solution

Floating platforms that can be positioned in deep water. Installing wind farms further from the shore results in increased exploitation of the wind power present over the ocean, leading to a larger power production from renewables in the country in which they are installed. Turbines up to 10 MW can be sustained that have longer lifespans of over 50 years, a levelised cost of energy (LCOE) of € 0.12/kWh, and a monolithic design made of prestressed reinforced concrete.

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The value proposition

• Decreases the capital expenses and operating expenses of offshore wind farms.
• Decreases the maintenance operations.
• Exploits location not yet reachable from bottom-fixed offshore wind turbines.

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