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Off grid

Wattsun provides green pop-up power for off-grid situations

Portable and plug and play. Modular. Sustainable / Low CO2.

The need

In off-grid situations it is common to use fuel generators as a power supply. These generators typically have low energy efficiency, emit excessive amounts of CO2, smell and are noisy.

The solution

Wattsun provides a portable, easy-to-use and silent off-grid power supply called ‘The Wattsun One’ that can be charged with renewable energy. This means no emissions (CO2, NOx) no smell and no noise.

The value proposition

• Cost effective compared to 'traditional solutions' like generators.
• Enables the use of green power.
• User friendly.

Pitchings sessions: Wattsun

Wattsun is a portable, plug and play powerstation that gives you the freedom to have power with you at all times.

Pitchings sessions: Wattsun


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Wattsun Pop-Up Power Westervoortsedijk 73 — 6827 AV Arnhem https://www.wattsun.net/