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Low cost energy storage for the world

The need

Wind and solar are the cleanest, cheapest and most available sources of energy. However, they are not always possible to harness in reliable quantities. Long duration energy storage can fill the gaps when renewable energy isn’t producing the power needed.

The solution

Unrivalled 50€ per kWh: VoltStorage uses iron-salt battery technology that is destined to shape the future of battery storage beyond lithium, because of the widely available and low-cost iron-based storage medium. Batteries can be set-up practically anywhere and provide distributed long-duration energy storage for a flexible and resilient energy grid. 

The value proposition

  • Cost-efficient: low-cost energy storage solution of 50€ per kWh.
  • Resource saving: utilising the most abundant materials in the world.
  • Temperature resistant: iron-salt batteries can be operated at very high temperatures and so can be used in tropical areas.
  • 100% renewable energies around the clock means a fairer and cleaner world for future generations.

Voltstorage Commercial
Voltstorage Commercial1

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