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Vegan Strom

Veganstrom provides a revolutionary new choice to vegan end-customers

Relevant markets:
Solar PV

Animal-friendly green energy

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The need

A vegan lifestyle implies buying vegan food and preparing vegan meals, but what about vegan electricity to cook them? Green energy is not necessarily vegan: wind power and hydro have a negative impact on animals, bio-gas requires industrial farming. VeganStrom is an animal-friendly alternative.

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The solution

Veganstrom provides a revolutionary new choice to vegan end-customers. In teaming up with the trusted animal rights group PETA, Greenstone Energy has determined that mainly solar PV & geothermal do not harm animals and so supplies end customers with 100% vegan green electricity, helping the 1.3 million vegans in Germany live a complete vegan life.

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The value proposition

• Green power that suits a vegan lifestyle.
• Harmless to animals.
• No legacy burden: without billions invested in conventional power generation nor large volume of wind and hydro assets.
• Authentic and trustworthy for customers.

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