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ULCF-Si ™ – Monocrystalline Silicon Bricks

Norwegian Crystals manufactures high-quality and cost-efficient monocrystalline silicon products, such as bricks, wafers, and ingots. The products go downstream and serve as substrates for solar cells and together become solar modules. These modules are installed on rooftops or as part of a solar power facility all around the world.


Ultra-low carbon monocrystalline silicon ingots, bricks and wafers for the PV value chain

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The need

The solar (PV) value chain has large gaps outside of Asia, including in ingot, brick, wafer and cell manufacturing. The lack of European capacity for such strategic materials places the EU’s energy autonomy and supply chain resiliency initiatives at risk.

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The solution

NCR sells monocrystalline bricks and wafers in various sizes and with diverse properties. The production method, known as the Czochralski method, consists of melting high-purity silicon in a crucible at 1425℃ (2597 ℉) and then carefully extracting a single silicon crystal from the melt.  NCR’s product roadmap is defined by customer requirements; to which end, NCR is currently moving to larger wafer sizes (M10/G12) as a key part of the company’s capacity expansion.

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The value proposition

  • The company’s trademarked Ultra-Low Carbon Footprint Silicon (ULCF-Si®) is used for the cells assembled in the lowest carbon footprint photovoltaic (PV) modules in the world.
  • Products meet high standards in low carbon emissions as set by France (CRE) and South Korea (PVCCS). Such standards are likely to be adopted imminently worldwide as part of general carbon border adjustment tax legislation.

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