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Relevant markets:

Residential Building

Pretty. Easy. ThermoSmart.

Best in class interaction. Wi-Fi / "smart". Data processing in the cloud. Privacy. Able to be personalised

The need

75% of Dutch and European homeowners heat their houses when they are not at home. This is simply because they don't understand their thermostat and find it a hassle to program.

The solution

An easy to program and good looking thermostat with hassle-free programming, consumers can save up to 20% on their heating bills. With the appeal of a gadget, customers will use it more often and even find it fun. The first smart thermostat that can be customised, it has best in class interaction, data processing in the cloud, privacy and is connected to WiFi.

The value proposition

• Attractive design.
• Connected.
• Easy to use.
• Fun.

thermosmart 6.jpg

Commercialised by

ThermoSmart Westervoortsedijk 73 — 6827 AV Arnhem https://www.thermosmart.com/