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SunAir Balcony

A ventilation heat recovery system combined with solar (air) thermal panels. It is integrated into the balcony balustrade in a way that blends with the building.

Early stage

Easy and intelligent ventilation.

Silent. Easy working mechanism. Design blends with the house aesthetics. Modular.

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The need

Newer houses are constructed with good insulation, however, another major method of heat loss from a building is via the ventilation system.

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The solution

EnerSearch Solar offers a heat exchange system that recovers heat from the outgoing exhaust and pre-heats the intake air. It is combined with solar air collectors (constructed as the balcony balustrade) that heat the incoming fresh air.

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The value proposition

• House retains original aesthetics.
• Increased comfort.
• Silent operation.

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EnerSearch Solar
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