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System of translation and elevation of people

Lighter system than substitute methods. Safer than absailing / rope access. Cheaper than equivalent technologies.

The need

There is a need to address the serious risk of working at heights and its low productivity rate.

The solution

A unique system allows workers, including handicapped and amputees to work at heights more safely and efficiently. The system uses only one harness, moving workers both horizontally and vertically, while controlling everything through a remote control. Adequate for any type of structure: building, bridge, silo, wind tower or oil rig. Cheaper and lighter than equivalent technologies and safer than abseiling or rope access.

The value proposition

• 40% cost reduction in cleaning and maintenance works.
• Lighter system to the structures.
• Social inclusivity.

TBB.2018 Pitching sessions: Vertequip

Vertequip proposes STEP (System of Translation and Elevation of People), a patented technology that allows a worker to reach any part of a structure with a simple harness and a remote control.

TBB.2018 Pitching sessions: Vertequip

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