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Asset monitoring from space


The need

Power and gas transmission system and distribution network operators must ensure safety and continuity of supply across thousands of kms of under and over ground assets, many in rural areas. They must meet regulatory and company monitoring and performance demands and respond during supply outages.

The solution

Spottitt's power and gas network monitoring services allow TSOs and DSOs to increase monitoring accuracy and frequencies without investment in personnel or hardware. Satellites remotely capture high-resolution imagery and data across hundreds of thousands of square kms daily. This data is accurately analysed at scale to provide data on a range of asset risk and performance KPIs (vegetation and building encroachment and height, fire risk, land motion, flooding, risk detection and gas leaks). 

The value proposition

  • Satellite imagery and service delivery costs an estimated 75% of traditional fly/drive monitoring solutions. 
  • Algorithms accurately interrogate every pixel. 
  • Remotely meets regulatory requirements across networks, switches monitoring on or off over higher risk hot spots, and supports incident response.

Spottitt - how does it work

Spottitt - how does it work

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