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Efficient method of sorting raw materials

Large capacity, small footprint. Automated technology bundled with AI algorithms. Minimal emissions, noise and vibration. Highly energy efficient (2,5-3kW/t). High enrichment efficiency (96-99%).

The need

Raw materials need to be processed directly after excavation. Mine waste contains significant amounts of coal, which could be processed.

The solution

Sortair is a solution that enables the accurate separation of material fractions that differ in density from grains and, as a consequence, in aerodynamic resistance. It consists of automated technology bundled with AI algorithms. It offers high enrichment efficiency (96-99%, is highly energy efficient (2,5-3kW/t) and has a large capacity and a small carbon footprint, minimal emissions, noise and vibration.

The value proposition

• High potential for use in other areas apart from coal mining.
• Dry sorting (pneumatic) technology for mineral processing.
• Easy to install, modular, mobile.
• Hard coal enrichment and sorting out mineral waste.
• Technology is completely dry (enabling a better quality of processed material).

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