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Solar tracker

HeliosLite has developed and field tested in France and in UAE a 1,5 axis tracker based on a patent pending design and distributed electronic control that boost energy output to lower the cost of energy. The scalable design also opens tracking solutions for small scale PV applications not covered by today’s utility scale solutions.

Relevant markets:

Disruptive PV tracking solutions for the new energy world

Scalable from 5kWp. – Adaptable (slopes, irregular terrains, movable). – Cost effective design. – Higher output per Watt installed – • Plug & Play electronics with self-power remote control and wifi – • Field proven resistance to dust, sand, heat & humidity –

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The need

Prototype and 1st pilot project results confirm the 1.5 axis tracker’s potential, but more work is necessary to “go industrial” as a means to drive the cost down for large scale PV farms.

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The solution

HeliosLite Tracker combines a new, distributed mechanical and electronic architecture with proven linear actuators and cost-effective installation techniques. HeliosLite’s tracker has 30% less metal per m2 and greater reliability. The in-house control software drives the tracker based on optimal electrical output without the use of costly and unreliable sun sensors.

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The value proposition

• Adaptable (slopes, irregular terrains, movable).
• Design lifespan of 20 years.
• The energy yield achieved with HeliosLite HLVP1.5 axis tracker is increased by +9.6%.

WEBINAR: 1.5 axis PV tracking for lower LCOE & to open new applications

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