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Solar PV

Disruptive PV tracking solutions for the new energy world

Scalable from 5kWp. - Adaptable (slopes, irregular terrains, movable). - Cost effective design. - Higher output per Watt installed - • Plug & Play electronics with self-power remote control and wifi - • Field proven resistance to dust, sand, heat & humidity -

The need

Prototype and 1st pilot project results confirm the 1.5 axis tracker’s potential, but more work is necessary to “go industrial” as a means to drive the cost down for large scale PV farms.

The solution

HeliosLite Tracker combines a new, distributed mechanical and electronic architecture with proven linear actuators and cost-effective installation techniques. HeliosLite’s tracker has 30% less metal per m2 and greater reliability. The in-house control software drives the tracker based on optimal electrical output without the use of costly and unreliable sun sensors.

The value proposition

• Adaptable (slopes, irregular terrains, movable).
• Design lifespan of 20 years.
• The energy yield achieved with HeliosLite HLVP1.5 axis tracker is increased by +9.6%.

WEBINAR: 1.5 axis PV tracking for lower LCOE & to open new applications

WEBINAR: 1.5 axis PV tracking for lower LCOE & to open new applications

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