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Solar water purification products for producing clean and affordable drinking water from practically any source

The need

Water scarcity affects 700 million people today, and potentially some 4 billion by 2030. People without access to clean drinking water are at threat, especially where the available water is saline, brackish or chemically contaminated.

The solution

SolarDew has developed a point of use, solar desalination technology that can be rapidly deployed as a compact, inflatable product after a natural disaster or as a permanent source of drinking water. With these products, households and communities can directly purify their own local ground water saving time and money. It eliminates the need for transporting water or the need for bottled water, both of which are expensive and unsustainable. 

The value proposition

• Can produce anywhere from 5 to 5,000 litres per day.
• Produces high quality drinking water from biologically, chemically contaminated, brackish or saline sources.
• Low water price: less than US$0.02 per litre (operating expense + capital expense).
• Sustainable and independent: solar power is extremely suitable for off-grid communities.
• Simple, reliable and robust: contains no electrical or mechanical parts.
• Low maintenance: thanks to a proprietary membrane with high fouling resistance.

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