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SolabChiller and SolabCascade

A cooling device that uses heat to produce cooling in the form of cold water. This cold water can then be circulated to cool a house or office. It can be combined with the existing heating distribution system.


Maximum comfort with pure energy.

Can use various sources of heat. Easy working mechanism. Robust design. Benign refrigerant (no global warming potential).

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The need

An increasing need for summer cooling has been observed in parts of Europe that previously did not need it, especially in the residential sector. This product can provide an alternative to electrical air conditioning.

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The solution

SolabCool products use heat: waste heat, district heating, solar thermal etc., to provide cooling for a house or a small office. They use a benign refrigerant (no global warming potential), can use various sources of heat and have an easy working mechanism and robust design.

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The value proposition

• Can use the existing district heating network in summer (extra revenue stream).
• Combined with standard solar thermal.

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SolabCool B.V.
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