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Energy efficiency

Snow Farm X

Alpinov X  is developing a brand new technology based on the cycle of water, evaporation and condensation under a multiple-stage vacuum environment. It adresses the global cold market. Our company is finalizing our primary product designed to produce snow at very high performances.


Highly efficient non weather dependent snowmaking machine

Snow production with positive ambient temperature. – Decrease in water needs. – Decrease in operational expenses (OPEX). –

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The need

Climatic changes demand a rethink on cold power generation. The requirement is to minimise energy consumption and its corresponding CO2 footprint. One vital focus of improvement is to significantly increase the efficiency of thermal convertors.

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The solution

SNOW X, developed and produced by ALPINOV X, is an artificial snowmachine that is highly efficient and has low weather dependency. Such equipment makes it possible for ski resort operators to run their activities without taking into account former weather restrictions, and to do so with reasonable costs (capital expenses and operating expenses).

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The value proposition

• A decreased CO2 footprint linked to ski resort operations.
• Ski resort operations extended (opening days).
• Ski resort turnover consolidated.
• Better management of the water resources.
• Environmental integration.

TBB.2018 Pitching sesssions: ALPINOVX

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SNOW X : Non weather dependancy snowmaking by ALPINOV X

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