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Energy storage

Smart Energy Hub

The Smart Energy Hubs is an energy storage and production solution that allows energy autonomy and flexibility in buildings and eco-districts. The Hub can store excess of energy generated by solar panels for several days or weeks, and can cover electricity and heating needs, even in periods of high demand or low renewable energy production.


A system of energy storage, cogeneration and smart energy

Supply electricity and heat (from cogeneration). – Local creation of hydrogen by electrolysis of water with electricity (surplus from renewable source). – Creation of electricity from hydrogen previously stored (working as a fuel cell). – Creation of electricity from methane (or bio-methane). – Heat cogeneration: constant heat generation up to 120°C. –

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The need

Buildings now integrate local energy production, but they can not rely on this renewable supply, due to lack of energy storage and management solution.

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The solution

The Smart Energy Hub allows for the generation of electricity from previously-stored hydrogen (working as a fuel cell), or from methane or bio-methane. Heat cogeneration is also possible with a constant heat generation of up to 120°C. Hydrogen is created locally through the electrolysis of water with electricity (surplus from a renewable source), and electricity and heat provided through cogeneration.

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The value proposition

• Buying electricity when its cost is less and store it.
• Local high capacity energy storage (MWh of energy).
• Replacing electricity supply with gas when it is cheaper.
• Self-effacement from the network when there is tension in supply.
• Using the stored hydrogen to create electricity.

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