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Energy storage

Skeleton Ultracapacitors

Skeleton’s SkelCap ultracapacitor series is unique in the world of ultracapacitors


Next generation ultracapacitors for energy storage

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The need

This project addresses the need for a lightweight, cost-effective and powerful energy storage system. The main industries requiring such solutions are transportation, heavy industrial equipment and power grids.

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The solution

Skeleton’s SkelCap ultracapacitor series is unique in the world of ultracapacitors, not only because of patented “curved graphene”, but also owing to the benefits of the cells. No other product on the market has as high power and energy density as the SkelCap cells, which are the basis for SkelCap’s modules and energy storage systems and come in the industry-standard cylindrical form.

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The value proposition

• High energy density.
• High power density.
• Low internal resistance means high efficiency.
• Reliability and long lifetime.

Grid applications

Voltage regulation, synthetic inertia, power quality, and bridging power applications powered with ultracapacitor energy storage

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Wind turbines application: pitch control

Increased safety, reliability & turbine uptime, pitch check operation frequency reduced. Check the benefits of using Skeleton in your wind turbines. 


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Application in trucks and buses

Ultracapacitors are well suited to providing the necessary burst of power for starting large diesel engines. They have been used in heavy transportation for many years and with increasingly stringent regulations around fuel efficiency and emissions controls, their use is set to grow exponentially.

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Industrial applications: port cranes

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Industrial applications: Logistics and material handling

Intralogistics & material handling are being automated at an increasing speed. Skeleton Technologies’ ultracapacitors allow nearly instant charging of AGVs and shuttles in automated warehousing.

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