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Relevant markets:

Non Residential building

Energy efficient outdoor heating system integrated into seating.

Operate at a considerably lower cost. Considerably reduced CO2 emissions.

The need

Spectators may wish to enjoy live sport in a stadium in a warm and comfortable way. Currently, seating areas in stadiums are heated by extremely inefficient and costly gas heaters.

The solution

Sit & Heat heats from the seats themselves. This is 95% more energy efficient and much more comfortable than conventional gas powered heaters.

The value proposition

• 95% more energy efficient than traditional gas heaters.
• Considerably reduced CO2 emissions when compared to traditional gas heating systems.
• More comfort for sports fans.
• More revenue for business owners.

Pitching sessions: Sit and Heat

Sit & Heat offers fully integrated electrically heated seats for stadiums, hospitality and homes.
Pitching sessions: Sit and Heat

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