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Solar PV

Management and 360° optimisation of medium-sized PV plants

Technical optimisation. - Financial optimisation. - Costs optimisation. - Smart way to sell technical actions to non-professionals. - Predictable future cashflows. -

The need

PV owners of the early days of the solar boom in Europe are mostly non-professionals that lack the knowledge, time and money to manage their assets properly and so run into a number of risks that may significantly reduce their solar revenue.

The solution

Ener-pacte offers a solution that improves existing PV plants in multiple ways. A smart way to sell technical actions to non-professionals, it enables the auditing, improvement and managing of PV assets in an automated, simple and efficient way. It includes costs optimisation, financial optimisation, predictable future cashflows and technical optimisation.

The value proposition

• Delegated management of the PV plant.
• Legal and technical compliance of the PV plant.
• Reduction of personal guarantees for banks.
• Total security of the existing profitability of PV owner.

Ener-Pacte Presentation

Ener-Pacte Presentation

Commercialised by

ENER-PACTE Rue des cuirassiers 15 — 69003 Lyon, France http://www.ener-pacte.fr/