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Smart ecological furniture powered by renewable energy

The need

Residents and tourists moving in the public space are faced with the problem of access to energy for charging mobile devices, access to the internet and to municipal real-time information.

The solution

Smart furniture for urban settings powered with solar energy. Bus stops, benches, trash cans, information kiosks and solar hand sanitisers that provide access to free energy to charge mobile devices, access to the internet and to urban information. Urban furniture is equipped with mobile phone chargers, free hot-spots, e-paper displays with real-time information and smart LED lighting.

The value proposition

• Furniture is made of the highest quality materials and corresponds to the specific requirements set by the environment, ensuring its ability to function for many years in outdoor conditions.
• Modular product constructions allow for transportation all over the world.
• The SEEDiA cloud platform manages a fleet of products that aggregate data, but also manage energy scenarios and generate alerts for the user.

AST19037 2 Illustrative Picture Seedia Product 1
AST19037 3 Illustrative Picture Seedia Product 1
AST19037 5 Illustrative Picture Seedia Product 2
Bus Shelter

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