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Transport & mobility

The ultimate way to deliver goods in urban centres, solving last mile problems

The need

The last-mile delivery sector needs a new category of vehicles that are electric, able to reduce CO2 emissions, fast and agile in traffic in an urban environment, easy to park with access to pedestrian areas, but also offering as large a loading capacity as possible. 

The solution

Scoobic’s vehicles are a new category of fully-electric vehicles with a range of autonomy of up to 100km and beyond in some of its upcoming models, which will also include an innovative removable battery system. Three-wheeled vehicles have the same loading capacity as vans (up to 750kg. / 1.400 litres). 

The value proposition

• A new category of vehicle.
• Ability to transport as high a volume and payload as possible (up to 750kg / 1.400 litres).
• Three-wheelers make for safer driving than a motorcycle, while maintaining agility in traffic.
• Can access the city centre with ease and find parking space.
• Can access pedestrian areas legally.

SCOOBIC Light & Mini

SCOOBIC Light & Mini

IMG 7429
IMG 0145

Commercialised by

Passion Motorbike Factory, S.L. Carretera De La Isla 5 — 41703 Dos Hermanas, Seville https://scoobic.com/

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