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Relevant markets:

Solar PV

New advances in film permeability with accurate results in minutes

Rapid gas screenings. - Ultra High Vacuum system (10-8 mbar). - Adapted sample holder for flexible films. - At-Line Integration. - No sample preparation. - Integrated Calibrated leak measurement. -

The need

Industry requires rapid, accurate and reliable gas barrier measurements for quality control in industrial environments and the screening of materials in R&D activities.

The solution

This system combines a high vacuum chamber with a mass spectrometer for precise and accurate measurements of the diffused gas through the barrier film. Partial pressure of the probe gas is equated to the transmission rate. Helium is used to rapidly determine the permeability of gas barrier foils. A suitable method to evaluate and control single or multilayer films with very low water vapour diffusion rates beyond 10-3 g/m² d. 

The value proposition

• Adapted sample holder for flexible films.
• At-line integration.
• Integrated calibrated leak measurement.
• No sample preparation.
• Rapid gas screenings.
• Ultra High Vacuum system (10-8 mbar).
• Ideal for integration in barrier layer manufacturing lines.

Commercialised by

Vinci technologies SA Rue du Port 27 B — 92022 Nanterre, France http://www.vinci-technologies.com/