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Creative solutions for composites recycling

The need

An increase of composite materials use (glass and carbon fibre composites) and classification as dangerous residues is increasing pressure on companies on how to handle them. Waste sources are the manufacturing process and end of product life.

The solution

RECICLALIA has developed a pyrolysis type of process that is able to fully clean fibres on waste products without losing mechanical properties. Resins are also separated in a liquid form. Both byproducts (the resin and the fibre) and can be re-introduced into new products as fully recyclable materials (i.e. woven and non-woven fabrics that can be applied in new products). This value is in addition to the waste disposal solution offered to blade manufacturing plants or to wind farm owners.

The value proposition

• In-field recovery (including blade slicing at the wind farm).
• Treatment of the residues to make them inert.
• Certification of waste disposal.

Reciclalia CRS® Technology

CRS® the most advanced technology for recycling carbon fiber ever
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Commercialised by

Reciclalia Composites S.L. Paseo de la Habana 134 — 28036 Madrid https://reciclaliacomposite.com/wordpress

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