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An energy storage solution based on 2nd life lithium-ion batteries

The need

There is an urgent requirement for access to lithum-ion (Li-ion) energy storage solutions that facilitate the implementation of greener ways of using energy.

The solution

This solution provides a second life to electric vehicle batteries. EV batteries that are no longer used in the vehicle, either because the car is no longer in use or because the battery has been replaced, still have a 70-80% storage capacity. They can therefore be made useful for other less demanding purposes, such as stationary storage systems, domestic and industrial systems.

The value proposition

• Complete solution: from hardware to software.

• Modularity: capacity expandable from 4kWh up to 1 MWh

• Replaceable units: expansion of product life

• End of life inverse logistic service.

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Product video- PowerESS by Beeplanet Factory

The new energy storage system, with a capacity of 42 kWh up to 1MWh, it is aimed at the commercial, industrial and construction sectors. It is also ready to be integrated into photovoltaic and wind power plants
Product video- PowerESS by Beeplanet Factory

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