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Green energy anywhere in the world

Autonomous, mobile, customizable and based on renewable energies units that can be shipped to anywhere in the world on standard (20 or 40 feet) containers, producing electricity using photovoltaic and eolic energy and fuel cells.

The need

Reliable electricity is required at all times, particularly in critical situations such as on humanitarian or peace-keeping missions, in isolated villages, during defence work, in natural disasters, civil works, etc.

The solution

Blubik provides a solution with portable electricity generation systems that produce electricity with renewable sources. They offer an autonomous solution with the capability to configure a smart grid, guaranteed continuous supply 24/7, no environmental impact during deployment, operation and withdrawal, with no generation of pollutant gases, and with pre-installed power production units stored in standard transport containers (20 or 40 feet).

The value proposition

  • Electricity cost 0.10-0.15€/kWh (diesel group > 0.30€/kWh).
  • From a few kWp to many MWp.

Project Aurora

A mobile and autonomous renewable energy unit, that can be monitored remotely, for the company Sacyr. 

Project Aurora

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